The Shiny Sheep Inn


  • at a crossroads
  • below the Lore-Keeper’s Grove (Bloodwood Trees)
  • the street outside is where oyster-divers are known to pass with their produce


  • The inn is a three-storey, T-shaped timber framed building,
    with dwarf-wrought iron furnishings.

  • The inn is widely known for the always clean rooms and beds.
  • The common room is well-lit with large wooden wagon-wheel chandeliers covered in candles.
  • There is a fragrance of vanilla
  • the inn is rumored to run a racket of kidnapping and ransoming children.
  • Other services include:
    • hair cutting
    • horse grooming
    • black market drugs
  • Hirelings available:
    • laborer
    • oarsmen
    • footman, pikeman
  • Color scheme:
    Sandy Brown Bistre Rich Maroon


Innkeeper: Helmweard

male half-elf, who is quite insulting and often unsupportive, and who seems very sleepy


  • casserole made of pinto beans and pumpkins; horn of brandy
  • smoked sweet onions and mushroom served with spring greenses; mug of coffee


  • A shape-changed formian queen is gathering mentally controlled servitors.
  • Mysterious merchants sell faulty magic items in town and then attempt to slink away.
  • A mad alchemist brewing potent substances in his lair, where a monster is about to break out of its cage.
  • A local man has somehow gained control over all the women in the village and now the men in town seek help.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • grotesque and stuttering shaman
  • A former Goblin slave, now “free”, but unable to grasp this concept with its limited intelligence (after a life of slavery), with the nasty habit of trying to palm every unattended shiny object, and an aversion against clothes.
  • two women talk about a third woman, who is having an extra-marital affair
  • a herder
  • strange forester
  • ghost of a hairy and crippled midwife


Trapped: triggered by unlocking a door, spikes protrude from the ceiling, which descends slowly.

  • quiver holding 13 coins: goblin coin made of copper, worth about 13sp; the face has runes, the obverse is completely blank
  • belt pouch holding 3 orange morganites
  • 10 electrum coins, in a knapsack

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