The Pelican and Pigeon Hall


  • near Blackjack’s Shack
  • in temple ward, near the Escaladeur’s Hedge Maze

Encounter: just outside, Another adventuring party is being hassled about paltry quests.


  • The inn is a small, L-shaped sandstone building,
    with several leaded glass windows.

  • Special accommodations consist of a handful of bunkrooms.
  • The inn is well-known for the always filthy rooms and beds.
  • Gentle music fills the space.
  • Other services include:
    • an errand boy
    • a masseuse
  • Hirelings available:
    • mason
    • habilar, light
    • horseman, archer
  • Color scheme:
    Persian Indigo Spring Bud Red-Violet


Innkeeper: Sathys

male phraint, who is very messy and often daring, and who seems somewhat amused


male dwarf, who is extremely prissy and always shy, and who seems very vindicated


  • squash and artichoke kebabs; horn of light rum
  • oysters and squab pie; tankard of brandywine
  • spit-roasted brown trout and quail served with leeks; hogshead of cider
  • smoked goose and coney with horseradish sauce; mug of soju


  • Small hamlet, a tree with miraculous powers in the center, and a sword of great good and evil the tree has grown around.
  • We are waiting on a supply caravan to hit town. Problem is it was supposed to be here last week. Wonder what the delay is.
  • Primitive heathens are throwing parties in the woods.
  • A changeling finding out his true fey nature at puberty.
  • An elf has been seen flying around the neuromancer tower using a pair of artificial wings.
  • Dwarven immigrants are arriving in southern cities in droves.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • tiefling
  • An intelligent barmaid who’s allergic to animals furs & scales who also has inherited her father’s magic skills but unwilling to go to magic school for fear of all the familiars
  • a sleepy nomad
  • a couple humen
  • ship’s cook


  • belt pouch holding 3 pale blue sapphires
  • Luxury: calligraphy depicting musicians in the court of Baronet Ìxo-Tep the Unparalleled (worth 850 gp)
  • Art: banner: or (gold) mountain on a field of ermine

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