The Worm and Whale


  • near the commons


  • The inn is a small, rectangular marble building,
    with unusually low ceilings.

  • The inn is widely known for the exotic entertainment.
  • It’s bitterly cold, though the patrons seem not to notice or care.
  • Other services include:
    • gear and clothing mending
    • body disposal
  • Hirelings available:
    • captain
    • horseman, heavy
  • Color scheme:
    Rose Taupe Carmine Pink Dark Brown


Innkeeper: Kicraw

male human, who is a little clever and usually godly, and who seems somewhat victorious


  • scallion and chili bean kebabs; goblet of mead; candied starfruits with molasses
  • spicy sausage in a sauce of chili beans, sproutses, and frijole negros; goblet of weak coffee
  • baked beef and turnip served with spaghetti noodles; tankard of summer wheat beer
  • boar stuffed with asparaguses; mug of sparkling red wine; bread pudding with bilberry sauce


  • Demons are possessing monsters and causing havoc.
  • People grow suspicious of half-orc merchants peddling gold dragon parts in the market.
  • A map showing the location of an ancient magic forge is discovered.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • plain very young habilar, light
  • overweight, amused dragonborn
  • An ancient red dragon, who has lost its interest in amassing power or treasure, has abducted the princess, renowned across the kingdoms for her beauty, charm, and intellect — for the pleasure of her conversation.
  • Cruel King geased to live as a lowly commoner for 101 days without revealing his true nature.
  • two women share recipes for squirrel stew
  • a plain-looking man tries to flirt with the barmaid, but she is uninterested
  • tall and injured musician


  • small box holding 18 coins: rock gnome coin made of brass, worth about 13sp; the face is completely blank, the obverse shows a light hammer; it’s damaged
  • 51 good antiquated gold coins, in neat stacks
  • Luxury: a copy of The Misadventures of Blake Shern the Street Singer (worth 650 gp)
  • Art: pennant: verdant sword on a field of or (gold)
  • Magic Item: Goggles of Know

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