Baird’s Bed and Breakfast


  • at a crossroads
  • near the pass
  • the street outside is where many threshers pass with their produce


  • The inn is a two-storey, C-shaped wooden building,
    with unusually high ceilings.

  • The inn is well-known for the famous as the home of sludge.
  • A small fire crackles in the hearth, but the chimney is clearly clogged, because the smoke has filled the room.
  • Other services include:
    • boot polishing
    • an errand boy
  • Hirelings available:
    • sailors
    • artisan
    • bowyer/fletcher
  • Color scheme:
    Turquoise Pigment Green Amethyst


Innkeeper: Feststench

female uruk, who is quite harsh and occasionally pious, and who seems a little hungry


female elf, who is extremely ridiculous and occasionally moody, and who seems very startled


  • roasted bobcat and rainbow trout served with wax beans; goblet of juice; cheese and blackberry blintz
  • spit-roasted ox and crab with garlic sauce; hogshead of brandy; cake
  • broiled elephant scalp with black bread and butter; goblet of porter
  • beef stuffed with grouse served with seasonal greens dressed with roasted beechnuts and almonds; mug of brandywine; clove scones
  • charred heron with unleavened bread; mug of wine
  • baked beef served with broad beans; mug of brandy


  • Last night a mysterious gnoll bet their life and won 50,000 gold pieces.
  • Chamber smells of ozone, for a reason, and is guarded by an olive oil golem.
  • Elf-Queen Irime, whom elves revere as the pinnacle of natural beauty, is really a dog-ugly hag glamoured up with fae charms.
  • A man kills himself to frame another of murder.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • trader of food
  • Gelatinous Bob, the only known ooze who can communicate, might be able to help with your problem … if he decides you aren’t tasty first.
  • An ever preset silent watching child, who always whispers to the people the PCs talk to during a conversation.
  • a nun and a prophet
  • a dark-skinned ropemaker and a vintner
  • a pair of hobgoblins shouting
  • somewhat burly paladin


  • backpack holding 33 coins: outdated orcish coin made of pewter, worth about 18sp; the face shows a panda, the obverse shows a javelin
  • 22 mint modern electrum coins, in a duffel

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