The Black


  • at the corner of Turnips Landing and H Way
  • the street outside is where mercenaries patrol on the way to the stockade
  • just outside, A freak-show Carnival comes to town! Carnival Barkers attempt to recruit all demi-humans maybe even resorting to kidnapping if they are particularly freakish. Rigged games of chance have a base 10% chance of success and 50% of the time return counterfeit coin or cursed prizes.


  • The inn is a small, Z-shaped cloth and poles building,
    with exotic art work.

  • The inn is well-known for the unsightly courtesans.
  • The common room is warmly glowing with oil-soaked torches lining the walls and pillars of the main floor.
  • Other services include:
    • a musician
    • a storyteller
  • Hirelings available:
    • oarsmen
    • shipmates
    • mercenary
  • Color scheme:
    Midnight Blue Dark Jungle Green Green-Yellow


Innkeeper: Gwenhwyfar

male human, who is a little irreverent and frequently grim, and who seems quite exasperated


male aarakocra, who is extremely driven and usually insulting, and who seems quite exhausted


  • boar stuffed with veal served with capon egg omelette; hogshead of milk
  • roasted clams with stone-ground mustard sauce; tankard of porter
  • garlicky venison served with yellow peppers; mug of porter
  • breaded clams with mixed greens; hogshead of cider; goji berry pie
  • grilled sweet onions and lizard served with hot peppers; hogshead of mead; cake
  • Specialty drink: Slush


  • Chamber smells of ozone, for a reason, and is guarded by a flesh golem.
  • Giant, berserk animals running free, their master in hiding.
  • Members of a new gang have blocked a street and demand a toll from all who pass.
  • A noblewoman who buys the masterpieces of little-known artists, presenting them as her own and arranging the deaths of those whose work she claims.
  • Mighty sorcerer disdaining the traditional tools of the trade, defeating every challenger with merely a look.
  • Clerics who have resurrected a long-dead hero discovered she’s not what they thought.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • beautiful, somewhat detestable human
  • A grizzled mercenary mage with a propensity for musical metaphors still yearns for his childhood dream of being a concert violinist.
  • A benevolent king of a kingdom long vanquished, bound by mighty arcane illusions to believe that his kingdom still stands, causing him to roam through his cobweb-infested palace, giving orders and speaking with servants and friends long-dead and forgotten.
  • a graceful battlemage dressed in the garments of an archivist of autumnstring, mistress of grace
  • a pair of beastmasters
  • fancy, a little energetic guard searching for rare spices


  • Jewelry: ring; bone ornamented with aquamarine (worth 600 gp)

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