The Compass and Rose


  • the street outside is infested by packs of wild dogs, and worse
  • just outside, Villager of 40 years and is dragged into the streets and savagely beaten with sticks. Dies of wounds and eaten by stray dogs in 3 hours, alone in the street, wailing and in agony.


  • The inn is a two-storey, rectangular timber and brick building,
    with unusually high ceilings and charms and talismans hanging from the walls.

  • Special accommodations consist of many dwarf rooms underground.
  • The inn is widely known for the large firepit in the center of the common room.
  • Everything in sight is moldy, tarnished, broken, or some combination of the three.
  • Other services include:
    • an errand boy
    • boot polishing
    • hair cutting
  • Hirelings available:
    • limner
    • jeweler-gemcutter
  • Color scheme:
    Lavender Gray Carnelian Office Green


Innkeeper: Sukriye Bozbeyli

indeterminate forest gnome, who is a little tardy and usually even-tempered, and who seems a little exhausted


  • roasted red onions and shellfish with smoked pear; hogshead of gin
  • pulled sea bass with crescent rolls; horn of cider; honey rolls
  • mutton and squab pie; tankard of white grape juice
  • beef sausage and lamb pastry; hogshead of coffee


  • A plague that keeps the diseased conscious but kills their bodies.
  • Female elves must bewitch men in order to get pregnant—all male elves are sterile.
  • Stone Redoubt of the Beatific Ones is the last resting place of Manople [6] Legimpaler.
  • An evil magi is terrorizing a small town nominally ruled by the city.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • dirty warrant officer
  • skinny and lame mature trainer
  • dark-haired and one-armed slave
  • A calm, filthy miner, evincing a penchant for the pursuit of wealth.
  • a stout goblin
  • hobbit


  • belt pouch holding 12 coins: elvish coin made of polished stone, worth about 16sp; the face shows a vampire, the obverse is completely blank; it’s mostly illegible
  • 37 electrum mountain dwarf coins, in a duffel
  • Jewelry: claw brooch with a glyph on the front and a rune on the back (worth 700 gp)

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