The Silver Wyvern


  • just outside, A haggardly dressed man is fleeing two well-armed men who claim they are chasing a patient from an asylum.


    • The inn is a small, U-shaped basalt building,
      with charms and talismans hanging from the walls.

    • The inn is well-known for the romantic atmosphere.
    • The common room is warmly glowing with oil-soaked torches lining the walls and pillars of the main floor.
    • There is a aroma of bread
    • Other services include:
      • weapon sharpening
      • a ranger who offers: scouting
    • Hirelings available:
      • clerk
      • cook
    • Color scheme:
      Prussian Blue Forest Green Mint Green


    Innkeeper: Larka

    female warforged, who is extremely shy and often scheming, and who seems somewhat alert


    • stewed pork served with crusty crabapple and chestnut bread with apple jelly; flagon of brandywine; sweetbread
    • undercooked reindeer and eggplant served with southern peas; cup of hard cider
    • baked trout served with macadamia biscuits; horn of birch beer
    • boiled squab and goat served with onions and mustard greenses; goblet of hard cider
    • molasses face bean and fava coceira kebabs; horn of oat stout


    • Cute wild creature and the ferocious parents searching for it.
    • Mysterious giggling comes from a haunted wood at night.
    • A shape-changed beholder is gathering mentally controlled servitors.
    • A room where everything turns invisible, including the treasure and guardian therein.
    • There are many old ruins in the civilized area. They are from a previous age.


    The following people are currently in the common room:

    • eldar
    • a little tanned, calm guard searching for turkeys
    • graceful vendor of ale (/gallon)
    • eldar
    • A man possessing riches beyond imagination, everything he could want within the grasp of his (literally) iron hand, yet more miserable than the lowliest peasant.
    • in the corner, bath-owner and hayward play chess
    • a few conjurers
    • dripping-wet, energetic merchant


    • small box holding 13 coins: freshly-minted orcish coin made of platinum, worth about 8sp; the face shows a symbol, the obverse is completely blank
    • haversack holding 2 pale blue diamonds
    • 35 pewter elvish coins, scattered about
    • Jewelry: live oak talisman with a gibbon with pearl eyes (worth 840 gp)
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