The Ogre and Vampire Inn


  • in temple ward, near the Warden’s Trench
  • just beyond the postern


  • The inn is a three-storey, rectangular marble building,
    with a tiled mosaic floor and charms and talismans hanging from the walls.

  • Special accommodations consist of eight suites with fine furnishings and a hot bath and a nice view.
  • The inn is well-known for the talented bards.
  • The place feels friendly, but is filthy.
  • Other services include:
    • a wake up knock
    • a masseuse
    • assassins for hire
    • laundry
  • Hirelings available:
    • architect
    • carpenter
  • Color scheme:
    Powder Blue Medium Spring Green Palatinate Purple


Innkeeper: Snøfrid Ingelborgasdatter

male kender, who is very imaginative and always pallid, and who seems somewhat wonderful


  • fava beans with pinto beans, capers and lemon juice; tankard of perry
  • peppered goat sausage with herbed plum; tankard of ginger beer
  • fried pea beans with roasted garlic-yogurt sauce; mug of perry; pastries with beet sugar
  • crab and white pea bean pastry served with seasonal greens; mug of tea
  • smoked reindeer and rainbow trout with garlic sauce; tankard of rum
  • pulled alligator heart with pancakes; flagon of brandywine
  • Specialty drink: Whipping


  • A pirate captain whose reputation is due to masquerading as a woman, successfully.
  • Mysterious scuttling comes from a haunted wood at night.
  • A mighty berserker too easily provoked, but with good intentions.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • Half-cocked Harry: absolutely trembling with pent-up martial enthusiasm, will charge headlong into first combat opportunity he sees
  • man
  • A calm, filthy miner, evincing a penchant for the pursuit of wealth.
  • one patron comments on an article of new clothing (waistcoat, shoes, gloves, hat) worn by another
  • another man is dejected because his wife threw all of his belongings into the sewer
  • scrawny merchant of books


  • burlap pouch holding 27 coins: coin made of ivory, worth about 9sp; the face shows a gorgon, the obverse shows a basilisk; it’s not a coin really, but a small ingot
  • small burlap bag holding 2 rubies and 2 pale blue sapphires
  • 43 proof outdated gold coins, in a heap
  • Luxury: a copy of Secrets of the Master Bladesmiths (worth 870 gp)
  • Art: large hell hound fur weaving depicting a cattle drive

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