The Sleepy Sailor


  • in gnoll-quarter, near the cistern
  • above the quay
  • the street outside is where many court artists craft their art


  • The inn is a large, O-shaped (with a central open courtyard) burnished steel building, with a slate roof.
  • Special accommodations consist of a couple wooden cots in the cellar.
  • The inn is locally known for the fine stables with experienced grooms.
  • Everything is lively and cheerful, but you get the feeling you should keep an eye on your coin-purse and your back in a corner.
  • the inn is rumored to sell forbidden objects.
  • Other services include:
    • a surgeon
    • weapon sharpening
  • Hirelings available:
    • alchemist
    • Panic Attack Jack: tunic, sword, 2 in 6 chance of freak out in combat
    • alchemist
    • footman, heavy
  • Color scheme:
    Medium Carmine Bright Green Columbia Blue


Innkeeper: Asgerd Ragenelsdatter

female high elf, who is quite unambitious and often hypnotic, and who seems quite wonderful


  • chili beans, red grapes, and pecans fritters with beechnuts sauce; hogshead of bitter
  • casserole made of peas and wild mushrooms; goblet of iced tea
  • soybean and mung bean kebabs; hogshead of milk
  • baked boar served with croissants; mug of cider
  • boiled pheasant served with frybread; cup of bitter
  • Specialty drink: Gnoll


  • Lonely kobold threatened by a pack of wolves.
  • A large stone circle to the east has been destroyed by unknown forces.
  • Noble, drugged but in expensive clothes, vengeful towards any witness.
  • Cantor Machudd is a strange guy. He collects holy symbols. Also every year he switches his allegiances to a new god. Charlatan I tell you.
  • The cornerstone will be laid tomorrow for the churchyard


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • half-naked student
  • crippled and stuttering housewife
  • A highly social, highly isolated Luddite whose only means of communication is technology.
  • a half-elf waiting for someone
  • a mountain dwar comforting a small child
  • a woman with poor hygiene explains to all who will listen about the evils of bathing
  • two patrons complain about the condition of local roads
  • vendor of reagents


  • retort holding 4 purple tanzanites and 2 orange zircons
  • 61 gold aquatic elf coins, in neat stacks
  • Luxury: mulberry armoire (worth 640 gp)
  • Art: small silver compass (by an obscure artist)
  • Magic Item: Robe of the Archmagi

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