• the street outside is where some botanists gather after leaving the alchemist lab


  • The inn is a two-storey, V-shaped carved stone building,
    with unusually low ceilings.

  • Special accommodations consist of eight bunkrooms.
  • The inn is locally known for the amazing selection of wines.
  • The place is spotless and completely empty.
  • Other services include:
    • a hot bath
    • hair cutting
  • Hirelings available:
    • alchemist
    • tailor
  • Color scheme:
    Crimson Dark Powder Blue Periwinkle


Innkeeper: Leone Tortima

male rakshasa, who is extremely stinking and always gloomy, and who seems very ambivalent


  • poached boar ribs served with crusty banana bread and butter; horn of mulled sangiovese
  • undercooked rabbit seasoned with angelica; cup of brandy
  • smoked sheep and game hen served with collard greens; hogshead of bitter
  • pumpkin seed and kale chowder served with rice; mug of lager
  • boar sausage pastry; hogshead of fresh date juice
  • sauteed wild mushrooms with pine nuts sauce & demi-glace; tankard of cider


  • A famous foreign gladiator is appearing at the arena tonight.
  • The gifts a necromancer gives to assassins, useful for getting rid of the bodies; where do they go?.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • smiling old dwarf
  • half-naked, inferior centurion
  • Marina Odom the Wayfarer has seen everywhere in his 90+ years, and loves telling stories to children in the local inn, but senility has robbed this epic hero of his mighty abilities, only lifting momentarily when children are endangered.
  • An evil, sadistic druidic slaver will not abide the caging of animals.
  • a rakshasa and a druid whispering
  • three young people talk about whether or not dwarves float
  • a halfling
  • strange young druid


  • 67 brass orcish coins, in piles
  • Luxury: a copy of Edible Plants for Emergencies (worth 430 gp)
  • Art: ceremonial kukri

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