The Inn of Oblivion


  • below the boneyard


  • The inn is a large, C-shaped basalt building,
    with dwarf-wrought iron furnishings.

  • The inn is locally known for the strange noises coming from the attic.
  • A body is laid out on a table and everyone is drunk, singing, laughing, and crying.
  • Other services include:
    • a storyteller
    • horse grooming
    • tack and saddle care
  • Hirelings available:
    • blacksmith
    • shipmates
    • captain
  • Color scheme:
    Feldgrau Beige Rose Gold


Innkeeper: Sita

male high elf, who is somewhat intellectual and usually unimaginative, and who seems extremely despondent


  • casserole made of broccolis and red beans; flagon of water; açai berry pie
  • seasoned game hen seasoned with cilantro; hogshead of brandywine
  • arugulas, pomegranates, and almonds fritters with kola nuts sauce; flagon of coffee
  • Specialty drink: Lemure Devil


  • A lonely mountain pass is guarded by a powerful sphinx denying all passage.
  • A magi in a manse to the north of town is flaunting guild laws.
  • When an Eye Tyrant is killed, a curse is bestowed that causes all other Eye Tyrants to seek the killers.
  • A farm nearby hasn’t been heard from in days.
  • A clutch of wyverns is preying upon sheep as well as shepherds.
  • Dwarfs carve their children out of stone and precious jewels.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • somewhat sleepy jeweler
  • guard searching for rare oils
  • stocky, somewhat enraged vendor of spell components
  • quite clean ship captain
  • A paperer, both bewildered and dull, intrigued by both the pursuit of knowledge and by local gossip.
  • a strange diviner and an oynter being obnoxious
  • apprentice


  • haversack holding 24 coins: outdated gnomish coin made of pewter, worth about 7sp; the face has a proverb: ever bravery, the obverse has a rune
  • broadcloth pouch holding 4 4mm fine frshwtr pearlses

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