The Three Peaches


  • in hobgoblin-quarter, near the barrens
  • the street outside is where translators gather after leaving the museum
  • just outside, Two guards holding a man who appears to be getting questioned.


  • The inn is a single-storey, square marble building,
    with a slate roof.

  • The inn is well-known for the shady patrons.
  • The common room is dimly-lit with sparsely placed candles casting flickering shadows across tables and walls.
  • Other services include:
    • a wake up knock
    • an errand boy
    • courier services
  • Hirelings available:
    • craftperson
    • slinger
    • bowyer/fletcher
  • Color scheme:
    Russet Raw Umber Purple


Innkeeper: Khur-Buri-Khur

female hill dwarf, who is very grandiloquent and frequently conservative, and who seems extremely victorious


  • shredded duck served with wheat noodles; goblet of bitter
  • peppers and crookneck squash kebabs; horn of porter; bread pudding with blueberry sauce
  • bacon-wrapped oysters served with sugar snap peas; cup of fresh sour cherry juice; pastries with maple syrup


  • The Witch Queen has been defeated by a band of adventurers.
  • A infestation of stirges drives yuan-ti closer to civilized lands.
  • Mute, illiterate girl, far from home.
  • A Powerful Warden Seeks a Party to Explore Devouring Panopticon of Misery Without the Mage Informing Their Enemies, or the Gambler Will Lose All Respect for Them.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • smith
  • blonde, scared oracle
  • sallow person
  • Hobgoblin Cleric of Vecna has trouble performing necromantic experiments and staying menacing when his dad insists on tagging along.
  • a dwarf mindlessly twirling a gold coin on the bar and ignoring their drink
  • an old man found a strange article of men’s clothing under his young wife’s bed
  • a few jongleurs bickering
  • freckled old adept


  • small spellspun bag holding 11 coins: goblin coin made of palladium, worth about 4sp; the face is completely blank, the obverse has a proverb: magic
  • Luxury: ragged well made samite bed linens embroidered with runes (worth 650 gp)

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