The Flower


  • in Low Corn


  • The inn is a single-storey, U-shaped limestone building,
    with a tiled mosaic floor.

  • Special accommodations consist of a couple halfling rooms on the ground floor.
  • The inn is well-known for the large firepit in the center of the common room.
  • The interior of the building exudes warmth and comfort.
  • There is a fragrance of maruera
  • Other services include:
    • a storyteller
    • gear and clothing mending
  • Hirelings available:
    • alchemist
    • horseman, light
  • Color scheme:
    Dark Midnight Blue Pale Pink Jungle Green


Innkeeper: Andraff

female orkhaz, who is very nonsensical and rarely consummate, and who seems a little amused


  • boiled sheep tongue served with seed bread and butter; flagon of grog
  • stewed veal served with couscous; goblet of light lager
  • sheep and fava coceira stew served with poached capon eggs; hogshead of fresh cantaloupe juice
  • boiled goat served with black-eyed peas; tankard of bitter
  • baked baby lima beans with garlic sauce; cup of perry


  • Medium of Monsters Seeks a Party to Infiltrate Hara the Splendid’s Stronghold.
  • Last night a mysterious gnome bet their life and won 50,000 gold pieces.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • dripping-wet adolescent hawker
  • tall, awful man
  • a little grotesque and one-handed horseman, light
  • short dock worker
  • A beautiful and caring elven princess whose loved one is slain in a war with humans grieves no more, spiteful of what the world has done to her and seeking revenge.
  • a fair hill dwarf and a kobold
  • tanned, alienated middle-aged merchant of <>


  • basket holding 30 coins: coin made of tortoise shell, worth about 16sp; the face shows a troll, the obverse shows a greater shadow
  • belt pouch holding 3 purple tanzanites and 2 blue sapphires
  • Luxury: polished brown oak pillion ringed with copper (worth 480 gp)

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