The Three Horns Tavern


  • the street outside is where most of the cardinals of the vicarage are found
  • just outside, A huckster yells at the party to come buy one of his legitimate djinn lamps.


  • The inn is a small, rectangular stone-walled building,
    with a grey tile roof and a tiled mosaic floor.

  • Special accommodations consist of a few large rooms with beds and straw mattresses.
  • The inn is widely known for the abundance of florists usually in the common room.
  • A warm glow emanates from the hearth.
  • one of the rooms hosts a drayman.
  • Other services include:
    • weapon sharpening
    • tack and saddle care
  • Hirelings available:
    • engineer-architect
    • habilar, light
    • linkboy
  • Color scheme:
    Burnt Sienna Tangerine Yellow Sap Green


Innkeeper: Ich-Coka-Ich

male satyr, who is extremely calculating and occasionally slow, and who seems somewhat alert


  • cured bacon and lamb with olive tapenade; mug of birch beer
  • kidney bean and snow pea kebabs; hogshead of brandywine
  • roasted eel and asparagus seasoned with cayenne; cup of applejack; candied figs with beet sugar
  • sheep stuffed with coney; cup of rye lager
  • molasses face bean and white kidney bean kebabs; tankard of water
  • fried red beans with roasted garlic-yogurt sauce; flagon of ginger beer; cake


  • Small hamlet, a tree with miraculous powers in the center, and a sword of great good and evil the tree has grown around.
  • A new inn is opening in town.
  • A large village to the east has been destroyed by unknown forces.
  • Hobbit magicians are a joke because the hobbit brain is objectively smaller than the brains of other races.
  • This little fat fella came into town two days ago. Hit up the General Store and bought up all the rations. Says he needs the food just in case some bad stuff goes down. I don’t know seems a bit suspicious I say.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • dirty peddler of dioptases
  • A belligerent, violent shopkeep sells exquisite glass crafts.
  • Young swindler and charlatan who mixes her acting talent with some arcane powers to become a master of disguise
  • a grocer and a gemcutter staring at each other
  • a woman complains that a skunk has taken up residence under her home; she blames her neighbor for luring it there
  • gnome announces that while working in their fields, they found an old dagger
  • a group of dragonborns
  • merchant of studs


  • small felt bag holding 23 coins: modern goblin coin made of electrum, worth about 7sp; the face shows a dire pick, the obverse has strange symbols
  • 66 brass dryad coins, in a heap

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