The Sailmaker’s Inn


  • at a crossroads


  • The inn is a two-storey, I-shaped logs building,
    with several leaded glass windows.

  • The inn is locally known for the excellent security.
  • The common room is dimly-lit with sparsely placed candles casting flickering shadows across tables and walls.
  • Other services include:
    • a storyteller
    • black market drugs
    • armor polishing
    • horse grooming
  • Hirelings available:
    • bearer/porter
    • torchbearer
  • Color scheme:
    Carmine Pink Kelly Green Persian Pink


Innkeeper: Kamo Goldknob

male silvan, who is extremely ineffectual and usually ghoulish, and who seems quite ambivalent


  • broiled quail served with pancakes; goblet of porter
  • stewed ox sausage and porcupine seasoned with catnip; cup of perry; pastries with molasses
  • smoked partridge served with cornbread; goblet of lager


  • When a human is talking, he’s lying; when silent, he’s stealing.
  • a small palladium loom accented with cacoxenites was said to have been lost in Baneful Chamber of Revenge.
  • Cute wild creature and the ferocious parents searching for it.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • distinctive artisan
  • Clever dog cute with its ears in the air that will rule the world someday
  • Jovial Paladin with giant sword refuses to believe that all beings are not inherently good.
  • knocker is frustrated from dealing with sick cows
  • stocky girl


  • belt pouch holding 19 coins: coin made of brass, worth about 9sp; the face shows a khopesh, the obverse has a proverb: ever heaven
  • pouch holding 4 demantoid garnets
  • Art: small canvas tapestry depicting the Betrayal of Prince

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