The Clanking Ghoul


  • the street outside is near watchmen offices


  • The inn is a small, I-shaped fieldstone building,
    with charms and talismans hanging from the walls and several leaded glass windows.

  • Special accommodations consist of twelve wooden cots in the cellar.
  • The inn is widely known for the well-informed staff.
  • The interior of the building exudes warmth and comfort.
  • Other services include:
    • armor polishing
    • boot polishing
  • Hirelings available:
    • footman, heavy
    • leather worker
  • Color scheme:
    Amaranth Cerise Sunglow Golden Brown


Innkeeper: Cees Seegers

female half-elf, who is quite skillful and often quiet, and who seems very victorious


  • spaghetti squash and peas kebabs; hogshead of minty water
  • raw frog’s legs with seasoned pumpkin; mug of cider
  • ox stuffed with veal; mug of perry
  • trout pie; mug of porter
  • baked ox and ham served with pinto beans; horn of goat’s milk


  • A powerful angel is hiding in the city performing good deeds unseen.
  • A dying messenger, those chasing her, and a message of great importance.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • a little pale and one-handed adolescent veterinarian
  • The well loved and axiomatic captain of the guard for a large capital is also secretly hiring bandits and mercenaries for his guardsmen to defeat, just to keep his popularity and job security high.
  • Wizards wove magic like fisherman hauling a net before a storm; by comparison the man currently holding creation to ransom wove magic into a tapestry alive in aspect and fact, balanced in design by calculated flaws so as not to offend the gods.
  • a dark-haired squire comforting a small child
  • a couple philosophers
  • an orkhaz
  • a pair of goblins snickering
  • graceful and fat person


  • broadcloth pouch holding 19 coins: antiquated coin made of gold, worth about 3sp; the face shows a chalice, the obverse shows a nightwing
  • small fur bag holding 3 yellow topazes
  • 40 decent palladium coins, scattered about

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