The Copper Roc Lodging


  • near Raconteur’s Wharf
  • the street outside is where wine sellers have their shops
  • just outside, Posturing thugs shout out insults and challenges and catcalls to whoever draws their attention.


  • The inn is a three-storey, U-shaped cloth and poles building,
    with a tiled mosaic floor.

  • Special accommodations consist of numerous wooden cots in the cellar.
  • The inn is locally known for the secluded alcoves for discreet affairs.
  • It feels unsettlingly normal.
  • There is a fragrance of vanilla
  • Other services include:
    • an errand boy
    • a surgeon
  • Hirelings available:
    • spy
    • jeweler-gemcutter
    • steward/castellan
  • Color scheme:
    Persian Red Brink Pink Dark Orange


Innkeeper: Arienh

female grey elf, who is quite pallid and occasionally respectable, and who seems extremely startled


  • carrot and asparagus kebabs; cup of bitter beer; sweetbread
  • stewed crab served with spinach dressed with fish eggs and honey; hogshead of perry
  • toasted kidney beans with grilled pomegranate; mug of brandywine
  • roasted chards with olive tapenade; goblet of tea
  • mule and sheep pastry served with shredded greens tossed with sliced artichoke heart; hogshead of minty water


  • The landlord of a local inn is really a werewolf.
  • The Mountain King is possessed by an evil force.
  • The Mountain King is possessed by an evil force.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • dripping-wet merchant of services
  • man
  • trader of
  • Who could take seriously a bald, peg-legged bandit with and acute lisp – until he pulls out his repeating crossbow.
  • Drug-addicted priest of an illithid worshipping snake cult
  • a group of halflings whispering
  • copper-skinned mature drow


  • small lace bag holding 39 coins: modern coin made of silver, worth about 14sp; the face shows a greater abyssal basilisk, the obverse has runes
  • pouch holding 3 purple spinels

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