The Hammer and Blade


  • The inn is a two-storey, T-shaped cloth and poles building,
    with unusually low ceilings.

  • The inn is locally known for the being usually quiet, many students and scholars can be found here.
  • The common room is well-lit with large wooden wagon-wheel chandeliers covered in candles.
  • Other services include:
    • boot polishing
    • a musician
  • Hirelings available:
    • torchbearer
    • entertainer
  • Color scheme:
    Golden Yellow Dark Spring Green Orange Peel


Innkeeper: Hanna Hador

female hobbit, who is somewhat blustering and always imposing, and who seems quite hungry


  • overcooked crab with roasted white grape; mug of root beer
  • frog and raccoon pie; goblet of tea; chicory scones


  • Never accept an elf’s dinner invitation: they’ll serve non-elves their own sweet-smelling waste.
  • Elves are useless; their bones are too brittle to perform any real work without risking injury.
  • A number of half-fish, half-humans have been seen around the river bank at dusk.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • attractive, devastated rectifier
  • very bearded ancient vendor of arms
  • A warrior, both animated and towering, who is thought to have a great affection for a neighboring bounty hunter.
  • a half-elf and a dark-haired gnoll
  • craftperson


  • small felt bag holding 19 coins: freshly-minted orcish coin made of copper, worth about 12sp; the face has runes, the obverse shows a circle
  • Art: copper armillery sphere
  • Jewelry: gold bandeau (worth 640 gp)

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