The Double Dragon


  • at the corner of Mallia Procea Street and Burglar’s Chase
  • in temple ward, near the Vagabond’s Farmhouse
  • within the Transmuter Trace


  • The inn is a small, T-shaped woodwork building,
    with several leaded glass windows.

  • Special accommodations consist of a handful of bunkrooms.
  • The inn is widely known for the strange noises coming from the attic.
  • A body is laid out on a table and everyone is drunk, singing, laughing, and crying.
  • Other services include:
    • courier services
    • gambling
    • thugs for hire
  • Hirelings available:
    • linkboy
    • ship master
    • engineer-artillerist
  • Color scheme:
    Pale Gold Amber Violet


Innkeeper: Panya

male elf, who is somewhat friendly and often hot-tempered, and who seems extremely alert


  • casserole made of chickpeas and white kidney beans; tankard of gin
  • bobcat stuffed with rabbit; tankard of white grape juice
  • casserole made of bean sprouts and peppers; flagon of water
  • casserole made of frijole negros and crookneck squashes; hogshead of cider
  • fried light pastry with salted cheese and candlenuts; flagon of root beer; cheese and red currant blintz
  • burnt southern peas with smoked white grape; horn of mulled riesling


  • The gifts a necromancer gives to assassins, useful for getting rid of the bodies; where do they go?.
  • Kazujizus’s dog has started to speak the language of men.
  • A thonger knows a secret entrance into the Ruthless City of Truth.
  • A group of dragons has banded together to increase their power.
  • This morning a wine merchant found a strange potion in one of his shipments.
  • The river that flows through all the worlds and the souls of the dead it sweeps along.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • lanky watchman
  • overweight and deaf mature trainee
  • Surly golem that runs on alcohol instead of fuel takes on prohibition in 1920’s America.
  • A traveling physical comedian who is desperately trying to cover up that he is dying from a brain injury sustained from getting hit over the head on stage once too many, and is trying to make the group enough money for his partner to retire on, unbeknownst to his partner.
  • shapeshifter and half-orc discuss a book they both read
  • quite unusual grey elf


  • small box holding 3 orange diamonds
  • 54 platinum foreign coins, in neat stacks
  • Art: large arsenic mural of an elf (by Dhun-Pulo-Ghar)
  • Magic Item: Bracers of Protection from Lightning

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