The Copper Fork Tavern


  • on Martí De Montrodon Square Circle
  • the street outside is where most of the mariners pass on the way to the marina


  • The inn is a large, Z-shaped sandstone building,
    with a slate roof.

  • Special accommodations consist of a number of bunkrooms.
  • The inn is widely known for the burly courtesans.
  • Merry laughter and upbeat conversation fills the room.
  • Other services include:
    • gear and clothing mending
    • a musician
    • an errand boy
  • Hirelings available:
    • archer (shortbow)
    • Tyrion, assassin from the future, sent to rub out the mighty PC warrior (or wizard, thief, war-priest, etc.) fated to trigger the disastrous Next Age of Dinosaurs, death ray projector secreted in sarong
    • artillerist
  • Color scheme:
    Pale Red-Violet Persian Blue Cerise Pink


Innkeeper: Bernadette Oelberg

indeterminate mountain dwar, who is somewhat ritualistic and usually prejudiced, and who seems extremely amused


  • smoked mutton and pumpkin seasoned with ginger; horn of bitter beer
  • seasoned capon and brown trout with greens; mug of porter
  • artichoke heart and green pepper kebabs; cup of coffee
  • black bean chowder served with assorted cheeses; goblet of strawberry blonde lager; banana pie
  • casserole made of hot peppers and red kidney beans; horn of brandy
  • Specialty drink: Stabber


  • A clutch of wyverns is preying upon sheep as well as shepherds.
  • The Impossible, Artist of Intrusion is seeking to release a great evil.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • overweight mechanic
  • extremely grotesque magistrate
  • scarred ancient senior journeyman
  • A bloodthirsty chaotic barbarian who is doomed to be part of a pacifist party, behaving himself until he can take out the bomb on his back and kill everyone in the party as fast as possible.
  • a pair of prophets
  • wood seller


  • haversack holding 19 coins: gnomish coin made of tin, worth about 12sp; the face has a proverb: prosperity, mercy, hope, the obverse has runes
  • 26 old silver coins, in a heap
  • Luxury: kingwood wood hand mirror (worth 440 gp)

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