The Fist and Key


  • at a crossroads
  • in a slum district, near the Rogue’s Lean-To


  • The inn is a large, U-shaped marble building,
    with unusually low ceilings.

  • The inn is widely known for the amazing selection of wines.
  • A warm glow emanates from the hearth.
  • Other services include:
    • a magically protected safe
    • a masseuse
    • boot polishing
  • Hirelings available:
    • scout
    • valet/lackey
  • Color scheme:
    Rose Taupe Turquoise Thulian Pink


Innkeeper: Est-Fabi-Est

female halfling, who is extremely weak-willed and usually weak, and who seems extremely startled


  • peruvian bean and lentils kebabs; flagon of ginger beer
  • stewed veal and pork seasoned with cloves; goblet of brandy
  • stewed gibbon entrails with crusty sourdough bread and butter; goblet of juice
  • mule pastry; goblet of lager
  • seasoned bean sprouts served with brown gravy; flagon of grog
  • Specialty drink: Distillate


  • Pixies arise as a result of disgusting unnatural acts hobbits perform with the trees surrounding their homes.
  • You know about Fairy-Elf the Bard? Yeah someone told me he died two years ago in a freak accident. Then out of nowhere he strolled into town a few days back. He looks good for a dead guy.
  • Religion built around harmony, with a cult seeking destruction of that falls short of their standards.
  • Someone is putting poison in the beer in both of two rival pubs.
  • A band of gypsies has set up camp on the terrace


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • unsightly, extremely upbeat child
  • Hobgoblin Cleric of Vecna has trouble performing necromantic experiments and staying menacing when his dad insists on tagging along.
  • A kind and compassionate noblewoman runs an orphanage and homeless shelter, but is secretly the head of a dark cult.
  • a group of neuromancers snickering
  • a cooper and a centurion discussing elea, the day of the swarm
  • a stout berserker and a lizard man
  • a fancy warforged cleaning their nails
  • bald vendor of jewelry


  • urn holding 12 coins: elvish coin made of ceramic, worth about 5sp; the face has a proverb: by glory and fortune, the obverse shows a shortbow
  • Jewelry: electrum talisman with a single large lapis lazuli (worth 510 gp)

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