The Acorn and Axe


  • near Sorcerer’s Museum
  • the street outside is strewn with the rubble and debris of a collapsed building


  • The inn is a large, Z-shaped stone-walled building,
    with a tiled mosaic floor and a slate roof.

  • The inn is locally known for the fine stables with experienced grooms.
  • Silver candle brackets dot the walls, their charges flickering merrily.
  • There is a aroma of bistort
  • Other services include:
    • gear and clothing mending
    • horse grooming
  • Hirelings available:
    • weaver
    • animal tender
    • weapon maker
  • Color scheme:
    Rust Rich Maroon Copper


Innkeeper: Elisar Malkin

male eldar, who is somewhat inquisitive and usually hopeful, and who seems a little vindicated


  • herbed beef and antelope served with fettuccine noodles; mug of mulled white wine with an aroma of peach; strudel
  • bear and crookneck squash porridge served with poached eggs; mug of coffee; cheese and peach blintz
  • cauliflower and molasses face bean kebabs; horn of mulled sangiovese spiced with thyme
  • carrots-cheese patties with caper-yogurt sauce; flagon of whiskey


  • A young elven rebel seeking to change the world, opposing the wise elders.
  • Ruby, the owner of which is cursed by terrible misfortune.
  • An warlock is compelling others to steal for him.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • vendor of embroidered slippers
  • merchant of flails
  • An Enchantress who learns “book magic” to infiltrate different wizard’s inner sanctums (private or guild) in order to bring them down and rid the world of non-natural magic!
  • Dodgy Vexia is a large, tall but quiet human mercenary who often uses smoking as an excuse to stand outside or away from the crowd.
  • a dwarf and a sentinel
  • a woman tries to teach a song to another woman, who is tone deaf
  • dragonborn talks about the time they saw the king’s palace – and how grand it was
  • student


  • pan holding 3 red topazes and 3 pale blue zircons

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