The Dancing Dwarf Guild


  • above the portal


  • The inn is a single-storey, O-shaped (with a central open courtyard) oak building,
    with exotic art work.

  • Special accommodations consist of a few dwarf rooms underground.
  • The inn is widely known for the talented storytellers.
  • It feels unsettlingly normal.
  • Other services include:
    • gear and clothing mending
    • a ranger who offers: scouting
  • Hirelings available:
    • scout
    • spy
  • Color scheme:
    Heliotrope Persian Pink Deep Pink


Innkeeper: Vsivr

female warforged, who is extremely wilful and often contemplative, and who seems quite exasperated


  • charbroiled ham and squash with marinara sauce; mug of coffee
  • chickpea and cabbage kebabs; hogshead of mead
  • casserole made of lentilses and black-eyed peas; tankard of vodka
  • goat stuffed with lizard; cup of lager


  • A warlock needs a particularly rare spell component found only in the estuary.
  • There is a wolf pack to the north, they are the pets of a mighty giant.
  • Drinking ten mugs of the house ale at a local pub gives you the strength of a giant.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • ugly half-orc
  • person
  • pale, bewildered middle-aged warforged
  • Brother Cedric is a stout, cheerful man who has devoted his life to healing the ill; nobody knows that the bodies of those he’s failed to heal are sold to chirurgeons and necromancers, rather than respectfully interred.
  • A blind martial artist obsessed with training and a fear of weakness.
  • a young woman tells of her recent visit with her husband’s family. it was uncomfortable for anyone involved
  • strong, inadequate middle-aged governor


  • 30 proof electrum coins, in a bundle
  • Luxury: broadcloth pillow (worth 640 gp)
  • Art: masonry monument of a gnome

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