The Frog and Gorgon Rest


  • just beyond the bridge
  • the street outside is where a few tattooists sometimes craft their art
  • just outside, A group of malnourished street urchins holding rocks and shanks blocks the path demanding a toll


  • The inn is a three-storey, Z-shaped adobe building,
    with a yellow tile roof.

  • Special accommodations consist of a handful of dwarf rooms underground.
  • The inn is locally known for the strange noises coming from the cellar.
  • Silver candle brackets dot the walls, their charges flickering merrily.
  • Other services include:
    • armor polishing
    • a wake up knock
  • Hirelings available:
    • teamster
    • boatwright
  • Color scheme:
    Dark Turquoise Amber Light Terra Cotta


Innkeeper: Ali-Jypi-Ilf

female rommach, who is very curious and sometimes bad, and who seems a little despondent


  • smoked trout and veal served with couscous; cup of grog; pastries with honey
  • scallion stew served with crackers; goblet of milk
  • ox stuffed with bacon; mug of brandy


  • An ancient metropolis, original inhabitants long gone, whose ageless guardians still enforce the draconian laws of their masters.
  • A hobgoblin has been seen flying around the caster tower using a pair of artificial wings.
  • Don’t drink the Red Ale from the Cornish Hen Tavern. Old lady Miller drank so much one night she turned into a weasel. Yes, a weasel. No I’m not drunk man I’m telling ya the truth.
  • Strange sounds that have been coming from the nearby field at night, several herd animals have gone missing or found mutilated.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • freckled hobbit
  • tanned old man
  • The vegan lycanthrope who can’t stand the sight of blood, looking for a way to not starve on nights of ‘change’.
  • Toira Delving is an amorous halfling consort who gets bored with her prince from time to time and tries to latch onto visiting adventurers, and her habit of pilfering minor magic items from the castle treasury could benefit the object of her affection…unless it was discovered.
  • a halfling
  • gruesome and fat ancient person


  • hemp sack holding 21 coins: lizardfolk coin made of brass, worth about 6sp; the face shows a minotaur, the obverse shows a star
  • small canvas bag holding 2 iolites
  • 60 old tin coins, in piles

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