The Vindicated Rogue Inn


  • in the docks, near the aqueduct


  • The inn is a two-storey, V-shaped logs building,
    with dwarf-wrought iron furnishings.

  • Special accommodations consist of several small private rooms.
  • The inn is widely known for the brothel.
  • A body is laid out on a table and everyone is drunk, singing, laughing, and crying.
  • Other services include:
    • laundry
    • weapon sharpening
    • a masseuse
    • hair cutting
  • Hirelings available:
    • entertainer
    • craftperson
    • horseman, light
  • Color scheme:
    Lavender Pale Pink Dark Taupe


Innkeeper: Shinysharp

female warforged, who is a little adaptable and usually respectable, and who seems a little vindicated


  • boar stuffed with sweet potatos served with green beans and cannellini beans; cup of mead; lingonberry tarts
  • deep-fried sheep with cabbage dressed with beans and tomatoes; cup of juice; mango pie
  • raddiccios and mutton pie; goblet of milk
  • boiled pigeon with garlic sauce; goblet of mead


  • A giant woodpecker has just carried off a baby from a balcony.
  • A city living of art and wine, ruled by artists and vintners, with demagogues preaching about the power of the common folk.
  • A magician is buried in a trap-filled tomb with powerful magic items.
  • A moneylender is looking for someone discreet, for a delicate job.
  • The town wizard went into the forest two days ago, and the sky has been blood red ever since he left.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • short and crippled vendor of reagents
  • person
  • Bawdy Boyd is an orcish pirate, whose fearsome reputation matches his towering bulk. He’ll slaughter most men, women, and children without blinking an eye, but his superstitious nature causes him to spare all animals, and their masters with them.
  • A highly social, highly isolated Luddite whose only means of communication is technology.
  • a cultist and a shadow-priest
  • handsome, astonished nomad


  • belt pouch holding 21 coins: foreign coin made of palladium, worth about 16sp; the face is completely blank, the obverse shows a battlehorn [5]
  • small box holding 4 amethysts

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