The Falling Orc Tavern


  • near pond
  • in temple ward, near the feather shop
  • between the Streamsay chantry and the aqueduct


  • The inn is a small, L-shaped granite building,
    with unusually high ceilings and charms and talismans hanging from the walls.

  • The inn is widely known for the quality of its menu.
  • Everything in sight is moldy, tarnished, broken, or some combination of the three.
  • Other services include:
    • human slaves
    • a storyteller
    • a cleric who offers: counselling
  • Hirelings available:
    • mercenary
    • Half-cocked Harry: absolutely trembling with pent-up martial enthusiasm, will charge headlong into first combat opportunity he sees
    • craftperson
    • teamster
  • Color scheme:
    Royal Purple Copper Mahogany


Innkeeper: One-Eyed

female lizard man, who is quite dependent and sometimes base, and who seems somewhat amused


  • seasoned ladybug with soft rye bread; goblet of mead
  • grilled sheep and beef served with bulghur wheat; horn of brandy
  • baked walrus tenderloin with soft sourdough bread and butter; hogshead of water
  • sugar snap pea and navy bean kebabs; mug of sweet ice wine
  • grilled pork served with peasant bread with cumin butter; flagon of lager
  • Specialty drink: Fluid


  • A strange milky with viridian spots smoke billows out of a cave near a mysterious ruin.
  • A farm nearby hasn’t been heard from in days.
  • The Gnome King is seeking to release a great evil.
  • Dwarfs carve their children out of stone and precious jewels.
  • Strange coughing has been heard near the pinnacle.
  • A local man has somehow gained control over all the women in the village and now the men in town seek help.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • beautiful, formal trader of hand mills
  • tiefling
  • filthy woman
  • shoemaker
  • A clockmaker, both fat and brave, well versed in magic.
  • a parchment-maker and a commander
  • a centaur and a hobgoblin talking to the inn keeper
  • a couple soldiers being obnoxious
  • spotless, cautious mature pyromancer


  • small homespun bag holding 4 coins: old coin made of pewter, worth about 16sp; the face shows a goliath greathammer, the obverse has strange symbols; it’s heavily scratched
  • small box holding 6 iolites

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