The Roaring Dragoon Club



  • The inn is a small, I-shaped timber framed building,
    with a green tile roof.

  • Special accommodations consist of twenty wooden cots in the cellar.
  • The inn is widely known for the gambling den.
  • The common room is warmly glowing with oil-soaked torches lining the walls and pillars of the main floor.
  • Other services include:
    • hymn performance
    • gear and clothing mending
  • Hirelings available:
    • leather worker
    • linkboy
  • Color scheme:
    Buff Rich Electric Blue Olive Drab


Innkeeper: Omri Eisman

female drow, who is somewhat casual and never breezy, and who seems quite grouchy


  • flaxseed and southern pea stew served with greens tossed with fish eggs; mug of water; honey rolls
  • fish and acorn squash chowder served with shredded greens; flagon of water
  • seasoned frog’s legs and white kidney bean served with manicotti noodles; mug of lager
  • bacon-wrapped okras and rabbit served with crescent rolls; goblet of rose wine
  • Specialty drink: Old Number Eleven


  • Tavern-keeper whose brews are made of sentient creatures, responsible for the disappearance of some guests.
  • Five men burying alive a young woman who remembers nothing.
  • Former servant opposing a diabolical master, in spite of the odds.
  • Humans ruin their own lands, which is why they’re always out conquering.
  • Donkey possessed by a demon, sometimes peaceful, sometimes succumbing to the evil within.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • Man-at-arms Flang: never leaves home w/out at least three doses of his mother’s mystical tonic of healing
  • woman
  • grotesque and crippled guru
  • A charismatic con man whose family was bankrupted by another con (let’s say mom suicided, dad died of alcohol, etc.), strives to find all such tricksters, and play their own game against them … but with deadly results for the loser.
  • A highly-skilled warrior filled with self-doubt has a mental breakdown every five minutes.
  • an inconsolable man weeps over someone finding and taking his life savings from its hiding place
  • two women share recipes for squirrel stew
  • fair merchant of provisions


  • haversack holding 14 coins: freshly-minted coin made of electrum, worth about 10sp; the face has a rune, the obverse is completely blank
  • Luxury: polished black palm cushion accented with palladium (worth 440 gp)
  • Art: large shell bust of a commander

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