The Barbaric Beholder Tavern


  • just off of Magician Lane
  • in temple ward, near the Savant’s Park
  • just outside, A breeding program is executed in this town, everybody with an ability score of 16+ in Str, Con, Dex, or Cha qualifies automatically and is asked for participation (10d10 gp per offspring).


  • The inn is a large, Z-shaped hides building,
    with charms and talismans hanging from the rafters and charms and talismans hanging from the walls.

  • The inn is locally known for the where you can find the best boiled beets and lamb you’ll ever have.
  • Silver candle brackets dot the walls, their charges flickering merrily.
  • the inn is rumored to brokerage of clandestine information.
  • Other services include:
    • boot polishing
    • a wake up knock
  • Hirelings available:
    • captain
    • artillerist
  • Color scheme:
    Ruby Light Carmine Pink Burnt Sienna


Innkeeper: Mozizi

male hill dwarf, who is a little perceptive and occasionally thrifty, and who seems somewhat victorious


  • spicy venison and ham served with egg noodles; tankard of brandy
  • crab and sugar snap pea pastry served with cabbage dressed with potatoes; tankard of coffee; apple pie
  • baked sheep and beef served with white kidney beans; mug of porter; peach pie
  • stewed pork and venison served with soft pumpkin bread with fresh-churned butter; tankard of lemon water
  • dried out water bug with molasses bread; goblet of mango juice; hyssop scones


  • Ruby Easthole the halfling is looking for investments. Yeah he needs a 1,000gp to fund his expedition. Says he’s hunting Dragons. Last time someone funded his expedition they lost all their money.
  • A mad alchemist brewing potent substances in his lair, where a monster is about to break out of its cage.
  • Town known for its hunting dogs is approached by the lord of canines, displeased with the misplaced devotion of the townsfolk.
  • The Witch Queen has been defeated by a band of adventurers.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • Mighty Bleena: possibly the world’s strongest woman, suffered series of concussions earlier in career (still refuses to wear helmet), becomes confused in battle, 50% likely to mistakenly hammer friendlies in melee
  • smuggler of tapestries
  • skinny warforged
  • A (mentally not right) cleric who, upon finding a soon to be dead person, always extends the person’s life as much as possible, even if the person is suffering or suffers more due to such extension of life, believing that his/her/it’s role as a cleric is never to kill, but to let someone live as long as possible no matter the circumstance.
  • A powerful iron golem awakens in an abandoned, ancient, underground chamber, with no memory or knowledge of his purpose, other than the massive assortment of weapons attached to his body and imprinted fighting techniques, although he personally believes that all life is sacred and violence is wrong.
  • a pair of conquerors snickering
  • somewhat drab, somewhat happy trainer


  • belt pouch holding 26 coins: freshly-minted foreign coin made of ceramic, worth about 15sp; the face shows a leviathan, the obverse shows a luck eater

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