The Circled Eye


  • at the corner of Horse-Leech’s Avenue and Stillroom Maid’s Lane
  • the street outside is where sappers patrol on the way to the wall


  • The inn is a single-storey, square brick building,
    with several leaded glass windows.

  • Special accommodations consist of numerous cots in the stables.
  • The inn is well-known for the often raucous patrons.
  • The whole place feels vaguely threatening.
  • There is a bouquet of roast pheasant
  • Other services include:
    • tack and saddle care
    • musicians
  • Hirelings available:
    • animal tender
    • entertainer
  • Color scheme:
    Dark Red Carrot Orange Xanadu


Innkeeper: Ismael Campino

male half-orc, who is extremely enervating and always delirious, and who seems quite grouchy


  • fried light pastry with roast cheese and kola nuts; mug of oat ale
  • sproutses pie served with mixed greens tossed with cucumbers; mug of akavit; red grape cobbler
  • lentil and lima bean chowder served with cabbage tossed with crumbled cheese; goblet of water
  • grilled shellfish and partridge served with hard-boiled eggs; horn of tea
  • Specialty drink: Tongue Teaser


  • A merchant is looking for bodyguards for a journey through a dangerous arctic.
  • A beast that is stalking those who venture into the woods.
  • a hemp pouch holding 51 foreign coins made of bronze, worth about 18sp each; the face has runes, the obverse shows a beholder was said to have been lost in Depraved Rift of Witchcraft.
  • Never accept an elf’s dinner invitation: they’ll serve non-elves their own sweet-smelling waste.
  • Rumors of an elf civil war have been filtering into town.
  • There is fierce fighting in the far east.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • sleepy, furious young child
  • strong, frightened merchant of metal scale mails
  • The notorious and ‘uncatchable’ thief is truly only stealing money in order to fund charities around the city.
  • A traveling physical comedian who is desperately trying to cover up that he is dying from a brain injury sustained from getting hit over the head on stage once too many, and is trying to make the group enough money for his partner to retire on, unbeknownst to his partner.
  • a demon-summoner and a distinctive gnome staring at each other
  • two old-timers complain about how lazy youngsters are these days
  • a freckled gnoll ordering food
  • a dirty animal trader and a gnome shouting
  • fair-haired and blind rommach


  • haversack holding 24 coins: foreign coin made of palladium, worth about 4sp; the face shows a man, the obverse has runes
  • 57 electrum goblin coins, in neat stacks

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