The Last Mistake


  • near drawbridge
  • the street outside is where boatmen pass on the way to the boat builder’s
  • just outside, The dungeon denizens offer a bounty of 1.000 GP per PC, dead or alive.


  • The inn is a small, L-shaped fieldstone building,
    with charms and talismans hanging from the ceiling.

  • Special accommodations consist of several hammocks in the common room.
  • The inn is locally known for the always clean rooms and beds.
  • The interior of the building exudes warmth and comfort.
  • There is a fragrance of exotic spices
  • Other services include:
    • a barbarian who offers: mushroom identification (by tasting
    • gear and clothing mending
    • laundry
  • Hirelings available:
    • crossbowman
    • ship master
  • Color scheme:
    American Rose Office Green Brandeis Blue


Innkeeper: Finbar

female tiefling, who is very ghoulish and frequently frivolous, and who seems very amused


  • clams and hare pie served with cabbage dressed with diced okra; goblet of ice wine
  • spicy oysters served with macaroni noodles; mug of porter
  • casserole made of shallots and asparagus peas; horn of coffee
  • cured game hen served with brown gravy and mushrooms; flagon of cider


  • Stay off the road north at night. They say a man without head rides a horse up and down the road. They say he is looking for the right head to replace his own. Keep your head man and stay off the road!
  • This little fat fella came into town two days ago. Hit up the General Store and bought up all the rations. Says he needs the food just in case some bad stuff goes down. I don’t know seems a bit suspicious I say.
  • A band of evil gnomlings lives in the forest.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • dark-skinned, amused halfling
  • Holt – hardworking, loyal dwarven blacksmith, who is in exile from the dwarven kingdoms for discovering corruption in his guild but is secretly keeping in touch with his family.
  • one patron comments on an article of new clothing (waistcoat, shoes, gloves, hat) worn by another


  • oilskin pouch holding 14 coins: goblin coin made of pewter, worth about 9sp; the face shows a bell, the obverse has a rune
  • haversack holding 3 blue sapphires
  • 40 pewter coins, in neat stacks

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