The Falling Sparrow Eatery and Alehouse


  • in a slum district


  • The inn is a large, rectangular adobe building,
    with dwarf-wrought iron furnishings.

  • The inn is widely known for the secluded alcoves for discreet affairs.
  • The common room is warmly glowing with oil-soaked torches lining the walls and pillars of the main floor.
  • Other services include:
    • a masseuse
    • a hot bath
    • extortion
    • boot polishing
  • Hirelings available:
    • slinger
    • habilar, heavy
    • entertainer
  • Color scheme:
    Burgundy Dark Slate Gray Sapphire


Innkeeper: Keti Vestgeirson

male dwarf, who is very resourceful and often abrupt, and who seems extremely lucky


  • casserole made of navy beans and butternut squashes; tankard of water
  • ox stuffed with game hen served with field greens tossed with sliced snow pea; hogshead of goat’s milk; cake
  • thin-sliced cured venison and lentilses with a red kidney bean-cream sauce; cup of hot steely tempranillo
  • casserole made of bean sprouts and white pea beans; tankard of fresh pumpkin juice
  • Specialty drink: Foamy


  • An underwater city built to support land-dwellers, abandoned for unknown reason.
  • Number-obsessed cult, seeking to have everyone conform in face of their immutable reality.
  • Evil clerics gather in secret to summon a monstrous god to the world.
  • Friendly family offering shelter from the weather, ensorcelled to slay any visitors at night.
  • The tomb of a powerful artificer, filled with magic items, has sunk into the swamp.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • crippled ragpicker
  • scrawny, cynical guard searching for rare perfume
  • Marietta Dyer, called the Queen of Shadows, whose daring exploits as a swashbuckling thief and rebel against the tyrannical king have won the hearts of the populace, is a succubus who exploits hope as a powerful force for seduction; her plans carefully draw out the life of the rebellion, balancing success with failure so that the rebels are neither crushed nor victorious, but rather can struggle heroically on, drawing more to the cause.
  • three townsfolk discuss how to grow the best radishes
  • a stout human and an uruk whispering
  • a trouveur and a cartwright being obnoxious
  • fair-haired person


  • haversack holding 25 coins: foreign coin made of bronze, worth about 6sp; the face has runes, the obverse shows a babau
  • 78 gold elvish coins, in a backpack

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