The Ram’s Inn


  • near Trouveur’s Arena
  • west by northwest of the Magician Park Lane


  • The inn is a large, T-shaped rammed earth building,
    with exotic art work.

  • Special accommodations consist of a handful of very large private rooms.
  • The inn is well-known for the gambling den.
  • Merry laughter and upbeat conversation fills the room.
  • Other services include:
    • a magically protected safe
    • gear and clothing mending
  • Hirelings available:
    • weapon maker
    • artillerist
  • Color scheme:
    Dark Midnight Blue Mountbatten Pink Cordovan


Innkeeper: Egbert Leitz

female lizard man, who is a little logical and often arcane, and who seems quite victorious


  • boiled acorn squashes served with wheat noodles; horn of water
  • breaded narwhal egg with almond scones; mug of water
  • lamb stuffed with chicken served with assorted cheeses; hogshead of porter
  • Specialty drink: Draught


  • Humans ruin their own lands, which is why they’re always out conquering.
  • Hobbits love one sound above all others: that of others working.
  • Hobbit magicians are a joke because the hobbit brain is objectively smaller than the brains of other races.
  • Chaos spirit who exchanges the valued possessions of people.
  • Humans ruin their own lands, which is why they’re always out conquering.
  • A cache of forged coins was recently discovered near the street singer terrace where nuns of the sanctuary of haskell “hammerin’” fagan, patron saint of change are found


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • dirty, somewhat impassioned lieutenant
  • An icy-eyed and conventional organist, who openly displays a great dislike for the opposite sex.
  • an eldar
  • an eldar and a dwarf
  • dirty person


  • small box holding 18 coins: coin made of brass, worth about 9sp; the face is completely blank, the obverse shows a roc
  • small box holding 2 pink tourmalines and 4 8mm baroque pearlses
  • Luxury: white pine candlestick (worth 970 gp)

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