The Ivory Javelin Inn


  • in a slum district, near the turnpike
  • the street outside is strewn with the rubble and debris of a collapsed building


  • The inn is a large, V-shaped wattle building,
    with charms and talismans hanging from the ceiling.

  • The inn is well-known for the brothel.
  • The place is spotless and completely empty.
  • There is a bouquet of cookies
  • the inn is rumored to run a racket of kidnapping and ransoming children.
  • Other services include:
    • a storyteller
    • gambling
    • tack and saddle care
  • Hirelings available:
    • jeweler-gemcutter
    • Munn the torchbearer/unemployed cartographer
    • scribe
  • Color scheme:
    Purple Taupe Bright Ube Silver


Innkeeper: Wot-Buri-Bhai

male halfling, who is a little paranoid and never soft-spoken, and who seems quite vindicated


  • mung pea porridge served with assorted cheeses; mug of kefir; honey rolls
  • fried rainbow trout served with crescent rolls; cup of mead
  • catfish and quail pie served with cabbage; flagon of tea; snow berry and boysenberry pie


  • A powerful angel is hiding in the city performing good deeds unseen.
  • A new playwright has set the stage on fire, literally.
  • A ship’s cook has the shard of the Whip of Hyginus, Mother of Lost Souls hidden around his house.
  • An island at the center of the lake is actually the top of a strange, submerged fortress.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • handsome and crippled middle-aged man
  • person
  • A heroic paladin whose great intelligence makes him feel detached and distant from those he protects.
  • a confectioner and an orkhaz
  • stout artillerist


  • belt pouch holding 31 coins: freshly-minted coin made of electrum, worth about 10sp; the face is completely blank, the obverse has a proverb: vision
  • Jewelry: cypress locket (worth 750 gp)

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