The Brown and Yellow Inn


  • on Hyacinth Street


  • The inn is a small, L-shaped cloth and poles building,
    with several leaded glass windows and a green tile roof.

  • The inn is widely known for the strange noises coming from the attic.
  • The bar is clearly divided into two groups, and each is muttering and grumbling while eyeing the other side.
  • Other services include:
    • hair cutting
    • a wizard who offers: teleportation
    • a surgeon
  • Hirelings available:
    • linkboy
    • ship master
    • horseman, archer
  • Color scheme:
    Rose Taupe Electric Purple Persian Green


Innkeeper: Arvel Meredith

male orc, who is extremely aggravating and often insightful, and who seems very vindicated


  • charbroiled beef and eel with dried out fig; mug of bitter
  • boiled oysters and tomato served with rice; hogshead of spiced wine
  • boiled cabbages served with hard-boiled chicken eggs; hogshead of bitter; bread pudding with açai berry sauce
  • spit-roasted rainbow trout and boar seasoned with strawberry leaves; horn of brandywine


  • A recently recovered artifact causes arcane magic to go awry.
  • An enchanter has just turned the captain of the city guard into an anteater.
  • Small hamlet, a tree with miraculous powers in the center, and a sword of great good and evil the tree has grown around.
  • A room where everything turns invisible, including the treasure and guardian therein.
  • A giant moa has just carried off a baby from a balcony.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • scary, surprised dwarf
  • glamorous middle-aged instructor
  • Artistic woodsman always carving some wooden figurines has attracted the attention of a fey creature who always tries to grants his many whims and throw away comments.
  • two patrons talk about a “secret invention,” but stop when they see a hero looking their way
  • a woman is worried that her son’s pet snake escaped
  • a very hairy man insists that the town needs more barbers
  • a suspicious-looking hobgoblin and an elf discussing inscrutable tombs recognition
  • husky and one-eyed hobgoblin


  • small box holding 28 coins: antiquated elvish coin made of platinum, worth about 6sp; the face shows a rune, the obverse has strange symbols
  • belt pouch holding 2 chrome tourmalines
  • 33 gold coins, in piles
  • Luxury: large sketch depicting horse riders (worth 590 gp)

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