The Dwarf’s Desire Inn


  • near chancel of Augustus
  • near the forum
  • just outside, a scruffy young man offers the party 10gp to paste up a stack of posters around town. non-locals must make an appropriate skill check to realize the posters are seditious before they get caught carrying them.


  • The inn is a small, O-shaped (with a central open courtyard) brick building,
    with a red tile roof.

  • Accommodations consist of a few private rooms in a treehouse.
  • The inn is locally known for the often raucous patrons.
  • Other services include:
    • a storyteller
    • a wizard who offers to prepare a light meal
  • Hirelings available:
    • weapon maker
    • archer (shortbow)
  • Color scheme:
    Arsenic Persian Rose Rich Maroon


Innkeeper: Dudo Fairtook

male satyr, who is very grim and occasionally devious, and who seems extremely comfortable


  • stewed red eye beans and cannellini bean served with nutty cheese; tankard of sherry
  • roasted oysters seasoned with rosemary; tankard of arak
  • herbed pork and trout served with sugar snap peas; goblet of fresh red grape juice


  • There an abandoned mine south of here. Rumor has it the miners hit a passage that they shouldn’t of have. They never returned. My good friend told me they stumbled upon a Goblin City.
  • Dwarfs have no souls, so you can do whatever you want to them with no moral repercussions.
  • An elite order of assassins, each member devoted to single mark, waiting for the sign to strike.
  • An naturalist going into a hostile kingdom needs an escort.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • plumber
  • bearded young dancer
  • drab mature man
  • A young and overconfident paladin, wearing a ring that conceals his alignment, refuses to atone for killing a pickpocket, and tries to hide from the members of his order that his holy powers are lost to him, the grandmaster is on to him, and the day draws near that he will be confronted.
  • a pair of leather craftsmen being obnoxious
  • a filthy gnoll
  • two men, already drunk, compose a poem about mead
  • somewhat dark-haired vendor of

Chests contain:

  • Gold : 95 pieces
  • Silver: 167 pieces
  • Copper: 710 pieces

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