The Zombie’s Heart Dining Room and Brewpub


  • in a slum district, near the Iofurr Otkellsin way
  • the street outside is filled with the scent of burning wood


  • The inn is a small, V-shaped rammed earth building,
    with unusually high ceilings.

  • Accommodations consist of four hammocks in the common room.
  • The inn is locally known for the brothel.
  • There is a bouquet of cheese
  • Other services include:
    • courier services
    • tack and saddle care}
    • gear and clothing mending}
  • Hirelings available:
    • marines
    • crossbowman
  • Color scheme:
    Puce Ultra Pink Brown


Innkeeper: Sira

male silvan, who is a little bold and rarely melancholy, and who seems a little victorious


  • bean sprout and peas kebabs; flagon of root beer
  • zucchini and snow pea kebabs; tankard of mead
  • asparagus bean and scallion kebabs; horn of cider
  • casserole made of collard greens and wild mushrooms; flagon of spiced white wine; pudding
  • grilled duck served with tortellini noodles; goblet of barley beer
  • casserole made of runner beans and cannellini beans; mug of fresh red grape juice


  • There an abandoned mine south of here. Rumor has it the miners hit a passage that they shouldn’t of have. They never returned. My good friend told me they stumbled upon a Goblin City.
  • A frost worm is said to be the head of a merchant guild.
  • Zombies pouring upon unsuspecting treasure-seekers, driving them towards a deadly pit.
  • Local bandits have joined forces with a tribe of goblins.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • pretty, inferior counselor
  • The mystic, aged fortune teller and soothsayer in the wagon caravan at the edge of town is secretly casting Geas/Quest during her divining, forcing her customers to make the prediction come true.
  • A remarkably large warrior is totally fearless in battle, but is terrified of stepping on other peoples’ feet.
  • a few cartographers
  • a wife complains about her husband’s hunting trophies. she can’t walk from the kitchen to the privy without being stuck in the ribs by an antler
  • an unusual halfling and a plain halfling
  • an ugly tutor ordering food
  • unattractive boy

Chests contain:

  • Gold : 50 pieces
  • Silver: 123 pieces
  • Copper: 257 pieces

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