The Blue Rose Bed and Breakfast


  • in Renowned’s Chapel
  • in temple ward, near the cave
  • near the Drifts and Hammer House
  • the street outside is where most of the animal traders have their shops


  • The inn is a small, V-shaped rammed earth building,
    with dwarf-wrought iron furnishings.

  • Accommodations consist of a couple private rooms.
  • The inn is widely known for the lack of security.
  • There is a redolence of bread
  • Color scheme:
    Cosmic Turquoise Chartreuse Vivid Cerise


Innkeeper: Cururas

male warforged, who is quite humorous and usually unique, and who seems very amused


  • deep-fried eel and runner bean served with couscous; hogshead of tea
  • chili bean and beet kebabs; cup of coffee
  • raw muskrat with fresh baguettes with melted cheese; mug of hard cider; sweetbread
  • roasted beetroots and olives with distilled vinegar and fish oil; cup of birch beer
  • smoked beef with cured kiwifruit; goblet of winter lager


  • A moneylender is looking for someone discreet, for a delicate job.
  • A number of half-fish, half-humans have been seen around the river bank at dusk.
  • Mo got hit by lightning last year. Tragic indeed. Now he slurs his speech and speaks in third person. He claims that he is Mo the Lighting God. His mom says all he needs is to get hit by lightning again to reverse his condition.
  • Elves were only recently “˜uplifted” by a meddlesome inter-dimensional imp, who gave them their beautiful cities and culture. Before that, they were primitive ulfs, graceless clods too stupid to even develop a language.


The following people are currently in the common room:

  • mason
  • quite crippled trader of charms
  • vendor of oats
  • a dark-skinned human
  • filthy, resentful peddler of jewelry

Chests contain:

  • Gold : 52 pieces
  • Silver: 298 pieces
  • Copper: 867 pieces

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